A Techno ethics Primer

I liked the talk very much and how it really linked technology and ethics and I knew about the privacy issues in the digital spaces, but it was the first time for me to know that there is a concept named techno ethics. I liked how the talk was organized, and how Autumn Caines was so clear and made the concepts clear and easy to understand, as she started by asking about our perspective of ethics, and technology. I really like this kind of engaging talks that let us talk and express our opinions. Technology is really booming and it is much more dangerous nowadays, as privacy is really disappearing gradually and this makes us unsafe in the digital world and unfortunately it is the world that we are living in nowadays more than our real world. So, I really liked how she started by asking us about technology as most of us mentioned useful things about it and how it made your lives more easy and convenient, and then she moved to the unethical part of it so she showed us how it is actually a double-edged sword.

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