This game is mainly about empathizing with poverty; you make choices and life hits you back. I have finished the month with extra 126 US dollars. This game made me think of different aspects of life, and how hard the decisions could be for managing our living. For me, in order to win, I had to take so hard decisions. One of them was not giving my child money to go for his friend’s birthday, I know well that this will make him sad and upset and feel that he is not like his friends, and maybe he would be bullied for this, but each time I think what would be the case if I give him money for a present and found out later that I don’t have money for his food and water? So, I always looked at the future, how my today’s decisions will affect my tomorrow’s living. It wasn’t easy for me to choose not to help my friend and lie to him and tell him that I don’t have money, but what if I came one day and ask for help when I run out of money, would he help me? It is not always the case, people are not angels, and maybe I will find myself alone with no money at all and he refuses to help me, so what should I do? I felt selfish at that decision and maybe if I had an excess amount of money I would have helped him, but at that point in the game, I was trying to balance my wallet to complete living till the end of the month. This game showed me how parents suffer, how workers suffer, and how people are always in trade-offs between things to maintain their standard of living, it is not only the case for poor people, even the rich people suffer from this kind of decisions but in different levels. I liked how the game was established in different 30 days with different hard decisions, and they tried to make the choices touch your heart in different ways, it touched your feeling to your child, your feeling of being selfish, your willingness to lie to save your own life, and more other feelings that was well phrased through this game.

BBC Syrian Refugees

This game asks you to take on the role of a Syrian refugee and make decisions on how to escape and where to escape to and how. I ended up in Libya with very little money left, I wanted to see what will happen next, how will we work as I got so attached to the game and I went deep inside thinking of the real-life experience for these refugees I really liked how this game made us feel a bit from Syrian refugees’ everyday suffering. It showed us how risky are their decisions and how they have always to make a decision that may help them out or make them die or arrested. My main concern that I had while playing was my family! I refused to be separated from them at any level in the game, for many reasons, the first one that how we could live without each other, what might happen to them without me, and that we have to be together to be stronger and deal with things together. At the times we are sleeping in our beds in warmth, there are people standing on the shore of the sea deciding whether they are going to go through it for a place where they don’t know anything, or should they wait for people to arrest them! This is very inhumane and very heart painful! Although it is a game it achieves to show us some of the real-life situations as it is the real case that happens to them, that they have to choose between two decisions and they know well that maybe none of them will help them out, but they have no third choice. I liked the game so much and I really liked how they included the family aspect in many decisions as it is well-known that it is considered to be a major aspect for refugees while taking decisions.

Sleep-deprived mom

This is a game that shows the mammy’s lifestyle in a funny way actually. I liked how it was established and I even liked how it started to make me choose the choices for my own benefit as I was going to the end of the game when I have seen that choosing even the things that satisfy my daughter will not benefit me or her. It is a very hard decision for moms to choose between their sleep or spending their spare time doing something fun with her friend for example. I like how it applies each of the two choices and gives us brief about consequence and it links all the 7 days together. I got 10/14 I think the main reason is at the beginning of the game I didn’t choose my sleep over my daughter’s cry lol! 

Fake it to make it

This game’s idea was interesting but i think that it could be done in a more user friendly way. I started the game by choosing my objective which was to earn 400$ to pay a deposit for my apartment, and I liked the idea of choosing someone to help me out. But I think that the steps could be simpler. I lost because I couldn’t manage my expenses and I was somehow confused playing the game. I liked the idea of showing us how people really lie in order to gain money and how they can copy just some articles and change in them a bit to make it more interesting and at the end of the day it is all lie!

Bad News

I liked this game a lot and I think it is somehow linked to the previous game I played which was fake it to make it, as it had somehow similar logic of depending sometimes on fake news to grab people’s attention, but what I liked more about this game that I felt it is more user friendly, and I liked this kind of dialogue that happened in the steps. I also liked that it was clearer in its instructions more than the other game. I ended the game with 4932 followers after I lost many followers because of a bad news that I published but then I apologized for it, as my credibility went down, as we know the fake news can backfire if it was clearly said or when people know that we are lying to them. What I liked about the game also that it was learning us the basics of grabbing people attention like for example telling that that headlines is the main thing for grabbing people’s eyes. Also what I saw here not in the fake it to make it game that in this one they have in each step to tell you what was wrong in the last step. I really liked this game.


Know yourself

I really liked the game’s name and that’s why I went for it as my last choice for playing the games. I liked how it really reflects myself, for example for the question about if you are with a boy in a restaurant and he was looking beside him and holding your phone, my real personality will feel that he is not interested while sitting with me and I will leave and I chose this answer, but at the end I found that it was not the case in the answer as he was preparing a surprise for me! I wanted to mention that this happened a lot with me, for example one day I was with my friends before my birthday and I was telling them let’s travel for my birthday and they refused, I assumed that they don’t like to celebrate my birthday but afterwards I discovered that they were planning a surprise for me! So actually the pre assumptions are one of my bad traits that I really need to change. Also the question of seeing one in a not good appearance in street, really I got afraid standing with them without putting in consideration that he could be a good person not a kidnapper. I really liked the game and I liked how they included all the possible actions that a person can do in their real life situations.

Link between all the games

I have played spent, bbc syrian refugees, fake it to make it, sleep deprived mom, bad news, know yourself. I really liked all the games except fake it to make it, the reason is that I felt that all of them are user friendly except this one. All of the games had clear instruction, interesting themes and interactive manner except fake it to make it. What I really see common among all of these games that they are interactive with the people who are playing them, the results always shows recommendations for improvement, advice or even warnings of doing this again. The content of fake it to make it and bad news are somehow similar to each other – despite the delivery method- I liked how they portrayed the fake news action in a game and helped us to explore this fake world and know what is going on in it. Regarding spent and sleep deprived mom what I see common is the idea of what decision you will take will affect your child, in spent it was more serious as we have to take decisions related to their living,and food , and in sleep-deprived mom it was in a more funny manner to choose sleeping over your child to have a rest as you are suffering all day! I liked actually how these games were established, I liked the instructions and I felt that there were enough instructions for me to play the games .

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